Princess Superstar's music appeals to people of all ages--including kids.

Princess Superstar's music appeals to people of all ages--including kids.

Photo credit courtesy of Princess Superstar, used with permission.

M.O.M. is the alter-ego of popular rapper Princess Superstar who is just about to release an album for kids titled “These Are The Magic Days.” She recently debuted her first single “Put Down Your iPad, I’ll Put Down My Phone” and she is best known for her hit “Bad Babysitter.” Princess Superstar is a top 10 recording artist and entrepreneur who has spent over 20 years in the music and entertainment industry. This album aims to be a musical experience that parents and kids can enjoy together and its themes explore emotional intelligence, love, connection and empathy. The music is a combination of hip hop and electronica that is suitable for all ages. Recently, Princess Superstar spoke to AXS about her experiences working in the music industry and her hopes for the future:

AXS: What inspired you to become a rapper?

Princess Superstar (P.S.): I loved hip-hop from the moment I heard it on a pirate radio station as a kid! For me rapping was such an unusual art where you could rhyme words together that sometimes didn’t even seem like they could rhyme. It is so creative and inspiring and for me much easier than “regular” songwriting.

AXS: How did you go about finding places to perform?

P.S.: Luckily now I don’t find them, they find me! I have toured all over the world several times.

AXS: Why did you decide to release an album for kids?

P.S.: I had a kid myself and noticed that the music wasn’t that great (in general)! Also I am really into peaceful parenting and alternative parenting and thought, hmmm who can make a record like I can make- bringing these concepts together with amazing production and bad-ass aesthetics? I’m also experimenting with being a non-profit with this whole endeavor and it feels really great. I want to just make a lot of art that ultimately leads to evolving the world!

AXS: Thus far, what has been the best part of working in the music industry?

P.S.: It’s been amazing, I’ve had a twenty year ride and it keeps changing and growing into different things- I’ve been a rapper, DJ, producer, and now this year rapping on Inside Amy Schumer and ALSO doing kids music. I’m totally blessed!

AXS: What would be your "dream project”?

P.S.: I would like to turn my kid’s project into a regular show like “Sesame Street” for the 21st Century, and write kid’s books. Otherwise I am already doing my dream project!

AXS: Career wise, where do you see yourself in ten years?

P.S.: Songwriting for others; developing kid’s content on TV; writing comedy.

AXS: What do you do for fun when you are not rapping?

P.S.: Everything with my kid. I love exploring NYC and seeing things through her eyes. I have so much fun with her!

AXS: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

P.S.: Yes I am running an Indiegogo until August 5, 2016, which is to fund the kids record and videos. When that’s over you can be a part of the project at Fractured Atlas, who fiscally sponsor me to be a non-profit. I also am doing Artist Coaching and helping creative people to live fully in their vision.

 AXS: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to enter the music industry, especially as a rapper?

P.S.: Be authentic to yourself first and foremost, don’t try to be like anyone else. Don’t do it to get famous! Keep going if you are getting rejected but you really love it and it’s your passion. Work hard, practice and get amazing at your craft. If one door closes, build your own door!

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To learn more, visit Princess Superstar’s two official websites here and here. Also see her Indiegogo, Facebook and YouTube video for “Put Down Your iPad, I’ll Put Down My Phone.” She can also be followed on Twitter via @psuperstar