Las Vegas-based band Tin Toy Cars released their debut EP at the end of January.
Las Vegas-based band Tin Toy Cars released their debut EP at the end of January.
Yann C. Arnaud/Courtesy of MLC PR

Las Vegas-based Americana band Tin Toy Cars arrived on the music scene Jan. 22, when they released their debut EP Falling, Rust & Bones. Following in the footsteps of Mumford and Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show, and with three musicians who are also members of Cirque du Soleil, this quintet is certainly something different.

AXS conducted an e-mail interview with TTC front man Peter Fand to discuss how he and his bandmates - drummer Aaron Guidry, guitarist Andrew Chute, bassist Brian Burns and violinist Martin St-Pierre - came together and where they think they're headed in 2016.

"I’m constantly impressed and inspired by the technical and artistic level of the people in this band, who blow me away on a daily basis," Peter enthused. "There are some musical moments on the album - dynamic violin solos, cool drum arrangements, guitar phrases or whatever - that leap out at me as I listen, and make me eager to see where we will go next. Lots of inspiration!"

It's the end result of a constant creative process. He explained that he's constantly writing and crafting new musical ideas, and that unless he's sleeping, he typically has an instrument in his hands and is cataloguing ideas on his phone. The studio is a huge part of his process, and he truly enjoys the art of songwriting - so it's not surprising that this debut EP is one in which you can hear the time and care that was taken.

Three of Peter's favorite tracks on the album are "Rapture and Hell," "Time To Get Away" and "To Fall," which he told us seem like personal accomplishments because of how they balance complexity and simplicity. They also contain many carefully composed intersecting parts between the band's instruments, and memorable lyrical images to go along with the sound.

At the same time, he feels like Falling, Rust & Bones is accessible to more listeners than just those who are aware of Americana. The tracks "Addicted to You" and "Not For Nothing" still sound like they belong on the album, but Peter said they feel more like mainstream pop songs. And that's the band's goal, as it is for many new acts - to reach as many people as possible.

"The greatest outcome would be for people to hear what we’re doing, and feel excited by it," he added. "Perhaps we’ll be the seed of inspiration that will cause someone to write a new song, or will fuel their creative ideas."

But Tin Toy Cars is a living thing that continues to grow, and so he hopes people won't just listen - they'll also listen again and hear nuances that keep them coming back.

The band do not currently have any live performances announced for 2016, but are hoping to head out on tour this spring or summer. Those interested in checking them out should keep an eye on their website's shows page.

Falling, Rust & Bones is now available on iTunes.

For more on Tin Toy Cars, visit their official website.