Interview: The Heirs got talent
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With stunningly chiseled good looks, danceable catchy tunes with upbeat hooks and an entrepreneur mindset - indie-pop band the Heirs are looking to land on your Spotify playlist. This L.A. based group has more than just handsome features, these young artists have talent, with experience to back it up.

Brother and sister songwriting and singing duo Brandon and Savannah Hudson first hit the spotlight as young teenagers a few years back competing on season 8 of America’s Got Talent. With that big dose of exposure to the music business, while continuing to cut their songwriting chops, the siblings organically formed the Heirs over a year and half ago.

Fresh off a successful summer on the Vans Warped Tour, the band is looking for some hometown cooking and L.A. good vibes as they hit the famed El Rey Theater stage this Saturday night. Along with the talented brother & sister duo, friends Eian McNeely (bass/keys), Alex Flagstad (guitar), and Brennan Benko (drums) round the Heirs, and all look to bring some musical loving to their swelling fan base.

Lead man of the Heirs, Brandon Hudson joined by phone on a sun-filled Los Angeles day earlier this week to chat about past TV fame, how a moody 80s band influenced the group’s name, and how a young crush unleashed the songwriter within him.

AXS: What first drew you to songwriting?

Brandon Hudson: It was the girl next door of all things. I was crushing on her like crazy, like in 2nd or 3rd grade. I wrote a song for her called “Sometimes.” So yea, it was that cheesy old cliché that a girl got me into songwriting.

AXS: What experience have you gained from you and your sister Savannah appearing on season 8 of America’s Got Talent to help you as a rising band in the music business these days?

BH: That was such a growing experience for both of us. We were really young; we were still figuring out what we wanted to do. It was crazy to be that young and to play on that large of a platform. It is still really surreal.

Now with the band, it’s like we are running our own business. It’s a constant learning process.

AXS: How did the name the Heirs come about?

BH: We were listening to the song by the Smiths, “How soon is now,” and the line “I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular.” It was a line that we were drawn to, we thought that’s kind of a cool name.

AXS: What inspires you these days in your songwriting?

BH: We write about our lives right now. We love to write about adolescence, trouble being a teenager, becoming a young adult; the time of discovery, and exploration of who you want to be. Now with social media and everything, our generation is the one that live broadcasts our daily lives.

AXS: You have a big live AXS show at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles this week. What’s the best part about playing live in your hometown?

BH: This is our home; this is our favorite place to play. We have hometown fans that have been there since day one. We have all of our friends and family here. It feels like a big party when we play live shows in L.A.

AXS: How was being on the road in your first Vans Warped Tour this past summer?

BH: It was definitely the hardest we have worked on the road, but it made a much tighter band. You definitely change when you get home from a tour like the Warped Tour. You really sculpt into something different, in the best possible way.

AXS: What other music are you listening to on your playlists these days?

BH: These days my Spotify playlists has all kinds of different things on it. We love Frank Ocean’s Blonde right now. We also love listening to bands like the 1975, to Led Zeppelin to a lot of New Order and Joy Division.

AXS: What does 2017 look like for the Heirs?

BH: We are currently working on a longer ep than our current one, that should be out in 2017. It’s a little newer sound than before. It’s an evolution to what it is becoming. We are planning more shows, more touring and lots of a new content.

Check out the Heirs, Saturday, September 24 at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, presented by AXS.