Interview: The Flux Machine gears up for 'Louder!'
YouTube/The Flux Machine

New York-based alternative rock band The Flux Machine will release their new album, Louder! on Feb. 26. If the album's newest single, "Love and Affection" is any indication, the project turns alternative rock on its head with bold lyrics and indefatigable instrumentation. Louder! was mastered by Taylor Larson-- a sought-after engineer, music, producer, and guitarist who has worked with Periphery, Everlit, and other acts. The collaboration with The Flux Machine resulted in a infectious and progressive sound that some lucky fans will be able to own on vinyl. The band will perform at famed LES venue Arlene's Grocery on Feb. 26 at 8pm, and the $10 ticket price includes a vinyl copy of Louder! The Flux Machine members Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda discussed the upcoming album and what's next for the band in an exclusive interview with AXS.

AXS: What is your creative process for crafting songs?

LUIS ACCORSI: The songs that The Flux Machine has created felt like they already existed in another dimension. All we had to do was pluck them out and apply the human touch. A guitar riff would evolve in very short order into a full fledged, grown, adult, musical voyage. The application of the voices was like a battle of the beauty and the beast, and then they made up and the sonic weave is beautiful.

AXS: What is the theme of the upcoming album?

LA: The theme for Louder! is akin to reading a book. Every song is a chapter, and every chapter is different and evolving. At one point you will want to "mess somebody up" even if you’ve never felt that before but you will be calmed down by the realization that you need to "believe" in order to survive, and so the book develops and when you have digested it, pieces will remain in you that suddenly accentuate your own personal reality, thus enhancing your life. This album is like a guide, check it out and you will see the effect.

AXS: How was the experience of working with Taylor Larson?

RAPHAEL SEPULVEDA: We trusted Taylor with mastering duties on the album. He added that extra bit that was needed to push the record off the edge. His approach to drum tones is one of the best in the genre and we were stoked to get some of that in the record. He ran our tracks through his select pieces of vintage analog gear and adjusted the mix at a macro level, to his liking, which is parallel to our taste. At the end we were left with this great sound, same mix we brought in but enhanced.

AXS: What is a Flux Machine live show like?

LA: It’s akin to plugging your finger into the electrical socket. Fast, fun, energetic, stylish, and heartfelt. Energy galore!

AXS: What's next for the band?

LA: We’re bustin' out our red splatter vinyl with 12 incredible songs at our debut party at Arlene’s Grocery on Feb. 26, to be followed by a psychosis-inducing video for the title track “Louder!”.

RS: Later in the summer we'll be performing at a couple festivals on the east coast to be announced soon. Also starting to plan our third music video. Definitely exciting!