Dillstradamus played their first ever show at The Shrine in L.A. Nov. 3. 

Dillstradamus played their first ever show at The Shrine in L.A. Nov. 3. 


Last night, Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus kicked off their three-date Dillstradamus show at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles—which sold out so quickly the first two days, that they added a third in December. The two heavy-hitters combined their two different styles to create an unforgettable show, which featured intricate stage set ups, pyrotechnics and of course, heavy bass.

Gent & Jawns kicked off the night followed by Towkio. For the first night of the shows, Dillon Francis began the co-headlining show and as always, he brought his goofy graphics, his infamous SnapChat character, Gerald and of course, old and new tracks that had every single person dancing. After Dillon played songs such as "Candy," "Need You" and his newest hit "Anywhere" Flosstradamus took the stage as the second headliner of the night. After both of their sets were completed, the two acts came together and played a b2b set, which blew everything out of the water. 

Flosstradamus and Francis have a long history together, hence why it was finally time for them to come together and create three nights for fans of both of the acts.

"We've been touring with Dillon for decades (laughter,) you know a long time," Curt Cameruci aka Autobot told AXS ahead of the show. "And so we always do shows together—we play after parties, festivals, but we've never done an official show. This is the first official Dillstradamus show. We were starting off our tour here in L.A. and we wanted to make it happen so that's how it came about."

Floss' set was amazing as always—their stage set up and lights are one-of-a-kind. It seems as with every show they improve even more—especially with their light show. What makes the duo standout, though, is their relationship with hip-hop. Trap music is what makes the Chicago natives standout from most DJ's in the electronic music scene today. While everyone was focusing on producing dubstep and other genres of EDM, Floss stuck with what they loved and knew, and clearly it worked out for them. 

"It's kind of what we grew up with, before even electronic music was such a big part of our lives," Josh Young aka J2K said. "Well, rap music was. The style of DJ's we were were more hip-hop so we just took it from there and kept going. A lot of the stuff that we did that got notoriety first was rap production. We were just making beats basically, and we would be like, 'this is some new sh*t' and that's how we got attention."

Being from Chicago broadened their horizons to the hip-hop scene as well.

"It's been a huge influence on our sound in general because it's in the middle of America, so we get southern hip-hop influences, local house music influences, we get everything,"Cameruci said. 

The two are also recognized for collaborating with big artists from many genres. Post Malone, NGHTMRE, Lil Jon and the list goes on, but if they could work with everyone, Outkast would top their list. They are working on new music, including a song with Dillon that has yet to be released. The song was already picked up by a movie, so it's not able to be released quite yet. 

If you were lucky enough to grab tickets to tonights second Dillstradamus at The Shrine Auditorium, you're in for a real treat. There also was a third show added Dec. 23. Check AXS for tickets here.