Meital Dohan is aiming to make her name in the American music market.
Meital Dohan is aiming to make her name in the American music market.
Henry Diltz/Courtesy of Anderson Group PR

After finding success as an actress in Israel, Meital Dohan is out to conquer the American dance music market. AXS conducted an e-mail interview with Meital to talk about how she's making the transition from award-winning performer to hopefully smash hit pop artist, after her spiritual guide told her that she was destined to become a singer.

"The most ridiculous thing about my short singing career was I only did three songs, but they charted all over the world and now the expectations are so much higher," she told us, referring to existing singles "Yummy," "On Ya" featuring Sean Kingston, and "Give Us Back Love" featuring Problem. The latter reached number seven on Billboard's Dance Singles Chart, and was a number-one hit on the iTunes Dance Singles Chart in Italy.

With that bar having been set, Meital told us that there will be no compromises with her forthcoming debut album, which she has titled I'm in Hate with Love. She wants it to be exactly the music that she wants to hear and her reaction to the state of love in the modern world. She said that she thinks we’re living in a time of the self, a very narcissistic time in the world where love is always taking a backseat.

That sentence gives you a good impression of what audiences can expect from her as a pop artist. While she's capable of being self-effacing, she also has something more to say and she's not going to release songs just for the sake of putting them out. She's taking her new career seriously and she's not afraid to mix it up either.

"Because I'm coming from acting and theatre I treat my music projects as a music-visual fusion," Meital explained. She also fuses together fun and seriousness, adding, "I always want people to feel joy and want to dance when they play my record, but I do think everything I write has a deeper meaning."

Whenever I'm in Hate with Love arrives (the release date has yet to be announced), she's hoping that people will listen to the record and watch the accompanying videos and that the content will resonate with them. She hopes that they will think about the ways we’re living and how our priorities have really shifted. Maybe they’ll think about the human connections in their life, and want to pay a little more attention to them. Maybe they’ll ask some questions to themselves

Or maybe they'll just have a laugh about how ridiculous life is and all and the roles we have to play, which is a topic that she turned her sense of humor on in the music video for "Yummy." Meital wants to matter but that doesn't mean she can't also enjoy the ride.

Meital does not have any currently announced live performances, but fans looking for announcements of future shows will want to keep their eye on her events page at AXS.

For more on Meital, visit her artist page at AXS.