Interview: Lo Moon talk about their hit single 'Loveless,' plans for full album
Directed by Warren Hu

The lo-fi electronic trio Lo Moon have received much praise this year, and they have only released one single, "Loveless" (listen to it in the video embedded above). The moody, penetrating song has received critical praise from NPR Music, KROQ, KRCW's "Morning Becomes Electic," KEXP, Buzzbands LA and Sirius XM's "The Loft." "Loveless" was also featured on NPR's "Heavy Rotation" list for 2016, and the single has received over 4 million streams across multiple streaming platforms. The group also recently released a remix of the single by electronic auteur Hudson Mohawke, which you can listen to here.

Speaking with the band at the Shaky Knees Festival, the group -- singer Matt Lowell and multi-instrumentalists Crisanta Baker and Samuel Stewart -- seem to acknowledge the double-edge sword that comes with a successful debut single. When we mentioned that they've generated a lot of buzz from just one song ("Loveless") all three group members nod in unison and while Lowell says its success has been pretty amazing, he also remembers a time when "a fan said in passing 'are you guys just going to sing 'Loveless' for the entire set?"

"We promise there are other songs," Lowell says kiddingly. The band's debut, produced by former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, is complete and Lowell says it's going through the final touches for a release this fall. 

Lo Moon's origins are fully organic. Lowell moved to L.A. three years ago with a handful of songs already written and after meeting Crisanta through a friend, they started jamming before realizing they needed a guitar player. Stewart (son of Eurythmics' Dave Stewart) joined after listening to the duo's music through a friend. The fact they're able to get along so well is a point of pride for the group. Baker emphasizes that "everyone works together and learns how each other functions," while Stewart says there's  a "real decorum to the whole thing. We're respectful, we all hear everyone out."

Lowell continues, "it's a team effort, and if someone isn't liking something, we'll perk up and listen, because that's how the band operates. We're not afraid of ideas and will try new things." And although they have only released a few singles, the group's musical influences stem from their love of classic songwriters like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and the production on albums from artists like Talk Talk, Prefab Sprout and Radiohead. 

For now, the up-and-coming band is content opening for bands like Temples and Air, whom they'll perform with at the Santa Barbara Bowl on June 24 (click here for tickets). But when the full album releases, the band hopes to tour extensively shortly after it's release. 

Lo Moon is definitely a band to keep an eye on, as their career seems to be progressing faster than the phases of the moon.