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When the world seems to be spinning off its axis every time we turn on the news, it’s great when we can crack open a cold beer, put our feet up and wash away all the negativity with some good tunes about the beach, relaxing and getting away from it all. South Carolina-born singer/songwriter Jesse Rice sets sail for the high seas, with a few tropical cocktails, and a little hope in his new hit album, “Pirate Sessions III.”

This third incarnation of the Pirate Sessions debuted at #5 on the iTunes country charts a few weeks ago. The album is chalked full of catchy escapism tunes like, “Tank Tops and Flip Flops,” good vibes songs like “Get Your Island On,” and inspirational selections like “Hope Town.”

Jesse Rice has written and collaborated with such chart-toppers as Florida Georgia Line, Nelly, and Lady Antebellum. On his latest effort, Rice wanted to explore his island experiences and give listeners a collection of relatable songs that make you feel good and help you get your island on through music.

Last month in Nashville, AXS chatted with Jesse Rice on the release of his new album, “Pirate Sessions III.”

AXS: After working so hard on this record, “Pirate Sessions III,” what’s it feel like when it debuts at #5 on the iTunes country chart?

Jesse Rice: “It is amazing how people have responded so far, and I was blown away when I saw where it debuted. Pirate Sessions 1 and 2 were my creative babies and had great success. It's taken me a few years to put out another record. I wanted to find songs that could live up to the first versions of Pirate Sessions. I really like this collection of songs."

AXS: What is “Pirate Sessions III" about?

JR: "Each Pirate Sessions record is progressively more me. The first one I did with Florida Georgia Line and Chase Rice and the second one had a couple of others creating with me. This one is more me; I wrote six out of ten of the songs on the record. A lot of the record is about where I am from, where I grew up near the beach and my experiences. This type of beach and tropical music just comes so naturally to me."

AXS: People need an escape even more than ever these days. Was that your idea behind this album?

JR: “Absolutely! I should show you the comments I’ve got, show you my Twitter feed of all the comments from people around the country. I have people telling me things like they’re in Michigan, it’s four degrees outside, but you just took me to the beach in your music. That’s why I make records like these. When people share their reactions to the music with me, that’s why I do this.”

Jesse Rice will be bringing his “Pirate Sessions III” to the road in the next few months. Discover more about this rising singer/songwriter on his website