Interview: Dario discusses new single & eighth studio album

With his eighth album previously released and topping the Billboard 100 chart, and his first single reaching 100k views in less than two weeks, Dario, has had much success. He has the enthusiasm to tell you all about it. Dario's latest album, Point of No Return, is poised to reach the top 100 chart again, and the first single from the album, "Good Morning World," is a testament to Dario's personality. He wants all of his fans to believe in themselves, and never compromise who they are. Point of No Return drops this Friday, Feb. 24. Pre-order on iTunes here and Amazon here. Be sure to check out his video for "Good Morning World" featured with this interview. Read on to find out all about Dario and his music.

AXS: With the success of your recently released album, Alpha, and your upcoming album, Point of No Return, what are some notable changes with this new album, as opposed to recent releases?

Dario: This release is very symbolic of where I am in my life right now, personally and professionally. As an artist, I'm more secure with who I am and with what I do, and as a human being, I'm more comfortable in my own skin. I'm no longer making apologies for who I am or what I represent. My last record was a commercial success and I'm very proud of that, but personally I wasn't happy with the image I was representing, It just wasn't me. With Point Of No Return, I feel like I've made all the mistakes and I am now at the edge of the cliff and I'm either going to jump or I'm going to go back down the hill and stay scared and insecure... I'd rather jump!

AXS: How has the writing and recording process evolved for you over the years?

D: It has evolved so much! When I listen to my old stuff I don't even know who that person is anymore. I'm much more confident in how I feel and with what I want to say. I'm not as scared to say or sing about topics I wouldn't dare touch before and I love that. It comes with age, though. The more mature you become the less you care what other people think and the more you can connect with people on a personal level. 

AXS: Your single, "Good Morning World," has a very special message. What do you hope your fans take away from it? 

D: Honestly, I just want people to be empowered. I love writing songs where the meaning is completely open to interpretation. For me, this song is about overcoming obstacles and learning from the struggle. I will never give up on my dreams or what I believe in and neither should you. 

AXS: What's coming up this year for you and your music?

D: I'm actually really excited about this upcoming year! The "Point Of No Return Tour" starts March 4th in Anaheim CA and I think it runs until November of this year (dates are still being scheduled.) I'm going to be visiting at least 4 countries on this tour so I'm really excited about that. And we're also prepping to shoot the music video for the next single and that's super exciting. There's so much in store and I can't wait for you guys to see what's coming!

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