Interview: Comedians from Fuse TV’s ‘Uproarious’ discuss some ‘High Key Comedy’

The new Fuse TV series, “Uproarious”,  is hosted by YouTube sensation Jimmy Tatro and features short sets, sketches, music and parody videos, digital shorts, and cutting-edge field pieces from today’s most promising stand-up talent and emerging digital personalities. The series airs on Fridays at 11/10c on Fuse and is quickly becoming one of comedy’s most talked about shows.

AXS wanted to get to know some of the best, brightest, and comedically gifted who are being spotlighted on the show to see what all the uproar is about. This week’s episode takes a closer look at comics Abby Rosenquist, David Gborie and Caleb Synan, so we decided to go in-depth with them to find out more.

AXS: What is it that you love most about comedy?

Abby Rosenquist: That anything can be funny if it’s done correctly. I love the tension people feel when a comic brings up a sensitive or taboo topic and the relieving laughter when the comic handles it well and turns it on its head. Also, the feeling of FINALLY getting a laugh out of a joke that you’ve been working on for a while is one of the best feelings in the world.

AXS: Describe the show to me in your own words?

Caleb Synan: 'Uproarious' is like a hybrid stand-up and sketch show. Personally, I think it’s a perfect blend of what I like most about late night talk shows. There’s nobody selling anything and no interviews. Just real comedy condensed down into a half hour. Perfect for moms on the go.

AXS: What’s your experience been like so far doing, 'Uproarious'?

David Gborie: It’s been a great experience. I got to be on the T.V. with some of my best friends from back home and we got to have free beers, and be on T.V.

AXS: Why do you think a show like this is important?

CS: I think it’s doing a great job bringing young comedians to a new generation. And sadly there aren’t a lot of networks out there with stand-up shows. Especially a show with new stand-up every week. If you see stand-up on T.V. it’s usually an hour special on Comedy Central or HBO or on a late night spot. As a stand-up fan, it’s nice to see more of my peers in front of a national audience.

DG: I think it’s a really good showcase of up-and-coming comics around the country. You could have an awesome comic in your neighborhood and not even know it until you see this stuff.

AXS: What can we expect to see from future episodes?

AR: 'Uproarious' did a great job at finding diverse talent so every episode is going to have a different feel and sense of humor to it. Also, me! You’ll see me in a future episode!

CS: Some of the best stand-up on earth, honestly. I watched all the other comedians and some of them are just absolutely killer. It’s so cool that it’s actually filmed in a comedy club too. Not a studio. A real club. It was great to see them uncensored and in their natural habitat. That’s the only aspect I’m sure of, though -because I was there. As far as the sketches and stuff, I’ll be seeing that for the first time right there with the audience. No idea what to expect on that end.

AXS: What’s next for you?

AR: Hopefully not death or severe illnesses. I recently moved to New York, so I will be working hard to keep improving at stand-up and hopefully continue finding great opportunities such as these. I have some trips planned to do shows in Austin, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Philadelphia, and hopefully I can keep adding to the list.

CS: I’m running for State Assembly in California. Kidding. I’m working with Comedy Central making sketches for their Snapchat channel. There are three episodes coming out in the next few weeks. Very exciting stuff. I’m also touring around the country doing stand-up and trying to put together new material. That’s the best part about stand-up is that as long as you’ve got new stuff, it’s always exciting. Milestones like doing a late night set or headlining your home club are still fun because you can loop back around and do them again with new jokes.

DG: YO! I'm gonna get three gold chains and move to Miami. And live amongst the immigrants. TRUMP CANT STOP ME!

Yes, it’s clear that comedy is serious business with this crew. Abby Rosenquist is originally from Omaha, Neb. and is now living out in Austin. She’s been featured as a New Face at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival as well as having appeared at the Moontower Comedy Festival, Crom Comedy Festival, and Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. You can follow her on twitter @abbyrosenquist.

You can find David Gborie performing all over the country. He has participated in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival, the Noise Pop Music Festival, The Seattle International Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest.

Caleb Synan is originally from Athens, Ga. and is now based out of L.A. His breakout performance on “CONAN” was praised as “One of the Top 5 Late Night Debuts of 2015” by He has also made appearances on “Last Comic Standing” and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival. AXS asked Caleb what it was like getting the chance to perform on “CONAN”. He said, “That was a total dream come true. It’s kind of nuts. I’m a big late night nerd so I worked on my set like a madman. I watched hours and hours of those sets ever since YouTube came out. The fact that people wrote about it and seemed to enjoy it was a big plus. I’m a lucky guy”.

As a show that spotlights stand-up comedians, “Uproarious” seems to be setting the stage, so to speak, for a brand new platform just when we need it most. And, you know what they say - in comedy, timing is everything.

You can check out Abby, David and Caleb on this week’s episode of “Uproarious”, airing Fri. Nov. 25, at 11/10c on Fuse TV.