Interview: Catching up with Tennis at Coachella about their new album, Denver music scene

On Friday at Coachella, husband/wife outfit Tennis graced the Mojave stage at 3:10 pm of the festival, where the duo made their Coachella debut.

“I was at yoga and Patrick got the call (about playing Coachella) and Patrick skated to the yoga studio and got me and yelled ‘We’re playing Coachella!’" Alaina Moore from the duo said while at the festival. "We ran out together, I got on my bike and he skated and I biked to the nearest liquor store, I bought a bottle of wine and we drank and toasted.”

Tennis made it to the desert from Denver, where they are a staple in the Mile High City's music scene. The band has performed all and around at the local venues, but don't consider themselves "Denver musicians."

“I love the Denver music scene. Denver is my home, and when I’m there I am not a Denver musician, I am just the girl who used to wait tables and go to the Larimer Lounge and Hi-Dive for shows," Moore said. "When I’m home I’m home and it’s even weird to think of myself as like an ambassador and it’s crazy to think that.” 

Her husband, Patrick Riley added with a laugh, "Maybe we do need to think about ourselves as ambassadors."

Tennis' indie sound fit perfectly on the Coachella stage, especially since they just released a new album last month titled Yours Conditionally.

“I think our new record came from a really healthy and inward looking place of being very content," Moore said. "We had really withdrawn from the industry and our lives at home to reconnect with some stuff deep down that was the joyful part of music making. So with this record, there’s not really any bangers, it’s really mellow and there’s a lot of love songs. It came from a really reflective time and am super proud of it.” 

The husband and wife duo show unbelievable chemistry while on stage, and will be making their way back to Coachella for weekend two. They will be on the Mojave Stage once again at 3:10 pm. The band will also be performing on April 19, opening for Local Natives at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Grab tickets to the show right here on AXS

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