ICYMI: Céline Dion pays tribute to Paris at AMAs; brings audience to tears

In case you missed it, the American Music Awards aired live on Nov. 22. It was a night of big wins and lively performances. Nicki Minaj took home a handful of awards and Fall Out Boy earned their first ever AMA for Best Alternative Artist. While it was a night to celebrate one of the most popular award shows, the tone changed when the broadcast featured a tribute to the attacks in Paris that shook the entire world. It was all but an obvious choice to bring in superstar entertainer Céline Dion.

Introduced by Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, he told his story of how they wanted to visit one of their favourite cities, Paris. The performed at Le Bataclan just seven months before the attack that took place at the theater. Calling her one of the best voices, Dion took the stage to sing "Hymne à L'Amour" by legendary French artist Edith Piaf.

Set to memorial photos from all over the world in Paris, Dion passionately performed the song in a dress that was color appropriate for the reds and blues appearing in the backdrop. Having been back in Vegas at the venue built just for her initial run of her massive production, Dion's voice had some wear and tear in specific points but she kept control of range. Those few times where it sounded her voice might break didn't matter. It was emotional and had brought the audience to tears. The final lyrics "Mon amour, crois-tu qu'on s'aime, Dieu re-unite ceux qui s'aiment" translates as "My love, do you believe we love each other, God reunites those who love," summing up the sentiment of performing the ode to love.

Céline Dion of course has strong ties to France. In her teens, she gained popularity outside of her native Québec, Canada. In 1987, she was gearing up to take over the world by learning English in just six months. Once she hit the international markets her popularity of course grew in France. In 1995, she released D'eux (titled The French Album in the United States) working with one of France's most prominent songwriters Jean-Jacques Goldman. It was Dion's 17th French-language album (she's released five more since then including a French greatest hits) and the album would go on to become the best selling French-language album of all time, selling 10 million worldwide. In 1999, she packed the Stade de France where she talked about the country taking home the World Cup. To this day, she still participates in duets and tributes along with specials in France.