How to stay safe at Governors Ball

The Governors Ball music festival is being held at Randall's Island in New York City on June 3-5, 2016. The festival attracts a huge crowd to enjoy the music played on multiple stages. Patrons should take steps to keep themselves, and their friends, safe during the festival that features acts including Kanye West, The Strokes, Beck, The Killers, Robyn, Haim and more.

The Governors Ball website reminds guests that, while they have not had major problems with theft, people should remember they are in New York City. It is simply smart to keep alert for dangerous situations and people. Following are some safety and health tips for the festival.

Plan to travel to the festival with friends and stay with your group. There is safety in numbers and you can look out for each-other. Try to travel with at least one other person to the rest rooms and food courts. If you see a stranger who appears to be alone and in distress, notify security.

Study the map of the grounds before going to the festival. Upon arrival, look for exits, security people and medical tents, in case of emergency. Knowing the layout of the festival grounds can help to save precious seconds.

Prepare for weather conditions. The first weekend of June is likely to be hot and sunny. Prepare to protect your skin by applying sunscreen every couple of hours. Wear a sunhat or visor, and sunglasses. Drink water to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration and heat stroke. If rain is in the forecast, bring a rain poncho or water-proof jacket.

Take hand sanitizer and wet wipes to clean hand when unable to wash. Hand washing is the first line of defense of germs that can cause flu and other diseases. Also, be careful about eating food that has been sitting in the sun because it can get spoiled quickly.

Take only as much money as you need. Do not show wads of cash. Wear money close to the body, in inside pockets or in a money belt. Leave valuables and good jewelry at home to prevent theft and loss.

Do not accept food, drinks or any other substances from strangers.

Sometimes people make you feel uneasy. This might be intuition and you should not ignore your premonition. If someone makes you uncomfortable, keep your distance.

Wear good, comfortable shoes because you will doing a lot of walking. If you need to run because of emergency, sturdy shoes made for running or walking will be a plus.

Keep these safety tips and mind and enjoy your weekend at the Governors Ball.