How to spend the day in Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is a beautiful city in Ventura County that sees many tourists and travelers. Just 30 minutes away from Los Angeles and Malibu, Thousand Oaks is within close proximity to the best surf and entertainment in Southern California. However, there is much to do and see within Thousand Oaks itself, which makes the suburban city an ideal getaway location. Here's how to spend a day there:

8:00 AM - Start the day off right with a hearty breakfast at Eggs N Things. The popular joint has the mom and pop feel of a deli, but without the greasy food. Most of the ingredients are locally-sourced, meaning that what arrives at your table is always fresh. Omelettes are fluffy and each of the five pancake varieties is moist, but the star menu item here are is the crepe-like Swedish pancakes, topped with whipped butter, blackberry preserves and powdered sugar. No matter what you order, you'll receive a Swedish pancake free.

10:00 AM - Work off the carbs with a hike to a 40-foot waterfall that runs year-round. Paradise Falls is accessible via two trails - one is very easy and doable for young children, and the other has a moderate grade climb that is more likely to get the heart pumping. You can get a map at the trailhead and follow easily-visible signs to point you into the right direction. The hike is scenic, offers plenty of shade, and holds at the end one of the best waterfalls in the greater Los Angeles area. For a more challenging hike, you can continue past the waterfall to "Indian Cave."

1:00 PM - Brent's Delicatessen is a famous Jewish deli that rivals the best in New York. Any local within 50 miles will tell you there are two things you have to order at Brent's: the matzo ball soup and the black pastrami reuben. The matzo ball is the size of a softball and very moist, served in a homemade broth with tons of chicken and carrots. The sandwich, which was featured on the Food Network's "The Best Thing I Eve Ate," features incredibly fresh pastrami and a great balance between sauerkraut and Russian dressing. And the double-crusted rye bread will tempt you to order a whole loaf.

3:00 PM - Learn about local history by visiting the Chumash Indian Museum, which is a historical site that aims to restore and preserve an awareness of the Chumash people. Exhibits, events and educational programs help to unite native and non-native communities alike.

5:00 PM - If you like golf and you like ultimate frisbee, you'll enjoy disc golf, a sport which originated here in Conejo Valley but now has hundreds of dedicated courses and an international Professional Disco Golf Association. The Rabbit Flats Disc Golf Course consists of 18 holes over 9 acres at Thousand Oaks Community Park. 9 baskets are set for beginning, with 18 for more advanced players from nine tees. Rules are posted at the park for those who are new to the game.

8:00 PM - Being so close to the ocean, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the seafood that local fisherman bring in daily. Lure Fish House doesn't even have a freezer, so you know that the fish on your plate is as fresh as can be. Go for the "Captain's Special" grill sampler, which comes with lobster, shrimp, rockfish and baked oysters, along with two sides of your choice. If you're in the mood for a filet, opt for the herb-crusted baked options over the fried ones. And if you'd rather have your seafood served as a taco or in ravioli, Lure Fish House has you covered there as well. There's not much that isn't good, but make sure to save room for their key lime pie.

10:00 PM - Thousand Oaks may be lacking a bit in the nightlife department, but locals who want to have some fun after dark head to Sunset Terrace for dancing, pool, darts and drinks. On Sunday and Wednesdays, professional DJs turn the lounge into a club, mixing current dance tracks and top 40 requests while the kitchen continues to crank out pizzas, burgers, and pastas until 2 in the morning.

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images