Heroes and Villains has faded into obscurity, but fans remain
Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villians is a band that takes its influences from pop, rock, and indie music. Formed in 2006 in Kansas City, Missouri, the band frequently referred to itself as “cinematic” in an effort to make it into the movies. Unfortunately, this is an effort that thus far has not netted the band any further attention. The band originally called itself Walter Alias, releasing its first album, Examples of the Cataclysmic, under that name.

The band’s sound combined softer rock traditions with pop energy to create a unique and memorable sound. With the release of their first album, they experienced immediate radio play, and because a mainstay on KRBZ FM 96.5 The Buzz. They were also featured in Kansas City’s weekly culture newspaper, The Pitch, and when reviewed by Kansas City’s music reviewer, Elke Mermis, they received high praise. The band was also featured on 2009’s Rock Out Reach Out compilation album. In 2010, they were able to do quite a bit of touring, including sharing a stage with quite a few bigger names.

Members Drew Little, Ryan Wallace, Micah Jacobsen, and Dennis Thurmon have always hoped for a quick, powerful rise to fame. At one point, they even claimed that their second album, Plans in Motion (2010) would do exactly that for them, catapulting them down that hopeful path to success. Unfortunately, with a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since early 2013 (and has less than 700 fans) and a “homepage” that appears to have disappeared entirely, the band seems to have fallen into the reaches of history, remembered by only a select few fans who still have hopes that they will reappear.

Albums: Examples of the Cataclysmic (2007, as Walter Alias) and Plans in Motion (2010). The band also appears on the compilation album Rock Out Reach Out (2009).