Heart still rocks after 40 years

Rockers Heart first entered the commercial music scene in 1975, and nearly 40 years later, the group still rocks as hard as they did in their early years. With classic favorites like "Crazy on You," "Magic Man," "Never," and many more, the group has tons of material to perform, and after all this time, each show is still exciting. Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have remained at the group's core, and Ann's powerhouse vocals still melt the back of every room. Many singers have trouble with high notes as they get older, but Ann's vocals are still as intense as they were in 1975.

While the group has a tendency to perform acoustic sets these days, their hits are suited for both acoustic and electric performances. However, the acoustic shows provide a more intimate and stripped-down experience and they are the perfect medium for Ann's vocals to project. And Nancy still plays with raw enthusiasm, and her energy is the perfect complement to Ann's more toned down style. With four decades of material, there is something in the show for people from all generations - especially those with musicality.

Unlike other rock bands from their time, Heart doesn't rely on pyrotechnics or flashy stage decor. They let their music do all the talking. A Heart performance is truly for those who appreciate the master-craftsmenship of musicians that in addition to the Wilson sisters include Debbie Shair, Dan Rothchild, Ben Smith and Craig Bartock. The group's music has evolved with time, from the harder, more provocative songs of the band's early years to the synth-pop styles that were more in line with 80s hard rock. Their most recent albums, Red Velvet Car and Fanatic, are more reminiscent of the group's earlier work. Reconnecting with their original fan base, Heart has gone back to the hard guitars and smooth melodies of 1976's Dreamboat Annie.