Hardcore and extreme, CKY will bring the rock you in crazy style

If you're a fan of "Jackass" or "Viva La Bam," then you are a fan of CKY's music and you may have never even realized it. They've seen a few changes in band members over the years, but the hardcore sound from Deron Miller, Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera, and Matty J, still brought forth the true focal point of the band originally known as Camp Kill Yourself.

CKY is one of those bands that is a unique taste in music and may not be for everyone, but given the chance, they'll make their way into your favorites.

A CKY performance is filled with mosh pits, stage-diving, crowd-surfing, and so much more. Don't go to one and expect a relaxing evening full of the music that you enjoy more than anything.

By the time the night is over, you'll likely be sweating, bruised, battered, and on a huge rush from the awesomeness of CKY's music.

The band is all about the bands and that is evident by the fact that they have been known to even come out without a set list. They'll throw out questions and ask the fans what they want to hear and that's what they'll end up playing.

A few that are played or requested without fail are "Wings of a Butterfly," "Vampire Heart," and "Soul On Fire." Don't be surprised if "Plastic Plan" and "Close Yet Far" are heard too because they are just too great to pass up.

Unfortunately, CKY hasn't toured in quite some time, and there has been no word on whether they'll tour anytime soon either. Their last studio album Carver City dropped in 2009, and that is really the last time any new material has come from them.

A few performances in 2011 were really the last times that they were seen as a whole unit and as CKY. Deron Miller appeared to have some issues internally with the group and seems headed in a different direction. He has started that he's worked with Chad Ginsburg on some songs, but a totally different style than what CKY had always been about.

Could a CKY reunion be in the works after a second hiatus? For now, some of the members are still friends and creating music, but the hope is there that the old CKY will come back one day.