Guide to Saenger Theatre in New Orleans

For almost a century, the Saenger Theatre has welcomed in all of those that want to be entertained in New Orleans and they've provided in all sorts of ways. Located right on the New Orleans Streetcar line, you can head in to enjoy your favorite music, a great stage performance, or even some of the funniest comedians this (and that) side of the Mississippi River.

Many feared that the Saenger Theatre was doomed after the damage done to it by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the fact that nothing was done with it for over six years. Finally, it was renovated, fixed up, and looking better than ever for when it reopened in September of 2013. Now, it's your turn to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Getting There
There are plenty of ways to get to the Saenger, and those include driving or walking over there from the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans areas. A lot of locals will love taking the New Orleans Streetcar though and it is no more than just a stone's throw away from the front doors.

Sitting on Canal Street itself at the corner of N. Rampart Street, the Saenger Theatre is great to arrive at by streetcar and then enjoy an evening of entertainment. You can't miss the iconic location as it stands out in the busy center city of New Orleans.

Driving and Parking
If you do decide on driving, there are also a couple of options once you hit Canal Street. For self-parking, you can either find a location on the street - if you're lucky - or purchase a pass for the University Place Garage. These passes will ensure that you have a parking spot in the garage on the night of the event. A few other pay garages are in the area as well.

For those in the Club Seats or Grand Suite, there is valet parking available.

Getting In
This is not a problem as you enter in on Canal Street through the big center doors. You've got to have your tickets though and know who is performing and when. Whether it is a concert of New Edition, Sarah McLachlan, or Gipsy Kings or a stage show, you've got to have your ticket when trying to enter.

You may want to arrive a little early because the line outside can grow a bit at times. You're not going to want to miss a moment of your entertainment.

Food and Drink Options
There are a number of concession stands inside of the Saenger, and they have actually been moved out of the way since the restoration. Instead of crowding the lobby, they are now along the back wall on the Rampart Street side.

They offer an array of simple fare with some snacks and a few drinks. Nothing special, but you're not going to need much while enjoying the show, and that's the main reason you're there.

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