Guide to 619 Frenchmen Street in New Orleans

Some people have gone as far as calling Frenchmen Street the "New Bourbon Street" in New Orleans, but there are some huge differences. Away from the neon lights and incredible loudness of Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street is different and brings about some alternative nuances to nightlife in the Big Easy. One of those places is that of 619 Frenchmen Street which may not look very appealing, but it can be the time of your life.

619 Frenchmen Street may not be a place that has a lot of events, but you've really got to keep your ears and eyes open for them. It's usually rented out for big warehouse parties, events, and concerts that need a lot of space but don't want a lot of money put out.

Getting There
If you're heading there from the French Quarter, then you've simply got to head west and cross over Elysian Fields Avenue. Once there, it's sitting right in the middle of Royal and Chartres Street, you truly can't miss it.

Should you be heading there from Kenner or Metairie, you're going to take I-10 East until you can get to Esplanade Avenue and take a right. Head all the way down until you hit Chartres Street and take a left to Frenchmen. Remember, Royal Street is a one-way street so you'll have to bypass it.

Driving and Parking
The area of Frenchmen Street is rather small and confined so you're going to have to do some searching for a parking spot. Your best bet is to arrive early because the later it gets, the less parking that will be available.

There is an apartment complex next door, but parking is for residents only and the surrounding businesses only want you parking in their lots if you're there for them. It would be in your best interest to arrive early, find a spot in a pay lot or on the street a few blocks away and walk on over.

Getting In
You're likely going to need a ticket for whatever event you may be hitting up 619 Frenchmen Street to attend. There are a number of ways to actually get inside, but there's also plenty of space outside depending on what kind of event is going on.

For indoor concerts, many of the giant doors and even some movable walls will be open, but you'll still have to head in the front entrance.

Food and Drink Options
This is really just up to whomever is putting the event on for that evening or day. More often than not, there isn't a lot available for purchase unless the presenter brings drinks and food for everyone that will be in attendance. There are always plenty of options in the surrounding bars and restaurants so get yourself something before heading in.

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