Album Cover
Album Cover
Grizzly Knows No Remorse

Grizzly Knows No Remorse was founded in 2009 and they are a rock/punk band from Moscow City, Moscow. The band is Andrew Lockjaw on vocals, Victor Kucher on guitars, Eugene Taranovsky on bass and Alex Karpuhin plays drums. They call themselves insane Russian southern rock. Their new CD is called album is called Fat Glasses and The Leather Mustache.

They start right out with a bang with the first song, "What it Takes and How it Tastes." The band has strong lyrics, screaming and smooth vocals, a pounding beat mixed with just enough melody and plenty of attitude. Songs like "The Hangover Anthem, "Glory Hole" and "Wasted Prophet " show this perfectly. The guitar playing on "The Hangover Anthem" is done expertly.

The band shows their versatility on the song "Waiting to Be". It slows their sound down and showcases Lockjaws's vocals. It is slower and the bands melodies are shown perfectly. On songs like "Glory Hole", Lockjaw reaches a frenzy with his singing and then pulls it back for a very melodic piece in the song.

The bands other music consists of an EP, Flashback And Hangover made in 2009, a single in 2010 called "Watch Me Playing Rock 'N' Roll" and Bearotica, a CD in 2011. The band also has a youtube channel that fans can check out their videos at. Their videos are imaginative and fun to watch. They also have many live videos on their youtube channel.

Their new album has 10 songs and the cover photo on the CD shows the band dressed in humorous clothing. It's nice to see a band that can have fun and not take themselves too seriously.

This was truly a fun and upbeat album to listen to. It also allows listeners to feel a lot of different emotions of release with their upbeat style. For those that enjoy hardcore punk with a southern twist, you will not want to miss listening to this album!

Songs on Fat Glasses and The Leather Mustache

1. What It Takes And How It Tastes
2. We Are The Party
3. Good Guys Cum Twice
4. Equalising Mourning
5. Godstasy
6. Waiting To Be
7. Refuse, Despise
8. The Hangover Anthem
9. Glory Hole
10. Wasted Prophet