Governors Ball survival guide

The popular Governors Ball music fesival is being held at Randall's Island in New York City on June 3-5, 2016. The festival draws a huge crowd so take steps to assure safety and survival at this mega event.

The Governors Ball is an urban event and like any gathering in New York City, it is important to watch out for dangerous characters and situations. You can have fun while being careful and being smart, so you can enjoy the entire festival.

There are different genres of music being played on multiple stages at GovBallNYC. The entertainment lineup includes Kanye West, The Strokes, Beck, The Killers, Haim, Courtney Barnett, Chvrches and more.

Follow these survival steps:

  • Before going to the festival, study the schedule and decide which acts you will see. Chances are that you are familiar with the headliners, but there may be acts that are new to you. Look them up on websites and listen to recordings you find online and decide whether you like them enough to see them at the festival.
  • Study the lists of what to take and prohibited items before packing your backpack or purse. GovBallNYC prohibits items that are illegal or may be deemed dangerous or disruptive to patrons.
  • Take only the cash you need to avoid theft. Do not flash large wads of cash around. Do not wear expensive jewelry or take valuable items to the festival because you risk loss or theft.
  • Wear sunscreen/sunblock all day long. Apply sunscreen before leaving home and reapply additional lotion every couple of hours during the day.
  • Wear sunglasses and a sunhat or visor to protect eyes from UV rays.
  • Bring a beach blanket or large towel for use to sit on the lawn.
  • If rain is in the forecast, bring rain gear. Bring a poncho or waterproof jacket.
  • It may get chilly at night, so bring a jacket or sweater to ward off the chill.
  • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. There will be a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes that protect feet.
  • When you arrive at the festival, study the map and grounds to locate the security guards and medical tents and exits in case of emergency.
  • Take care with strangers. Do not accept food, beverages or substances from strangers.

The Governors Ball is a festival where patrons enjoy the music, food, companionship and the activities. Use these smart tips and enjoy the weekend.