Get to know My Silent Bravery as new remix album drops, tour ahead

My Silent Bravery is back with next week's Diamond From Coal: The Remixes, which reinvents the previous LP Diamond From Coal with new versions including "P.O.V. (Richard Fraioli Remix feat. Shea Rose)," as well as new tour dates. The man behind the moniker, Matthew Wade, recently spoke with AXS about the record and what else he has in the works.

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for My Silent Bravery. Last week saw the release of The Remixes, which includes contributions from Fraioli, Kool Kojak and Eric Mason, collaborations with Maurico, Shea Rose, Hyrbid Infamous, and Joe Craze, and one previously unreleased track, "Get Some." In a unique storytelling move, the video for current single "P.O.V." also continues the plot started in the video for the song "Forever."

Additionally, there are limited tour dates ahead alongside David Choi and "American Idol" alum Lee DeWyze. MSB will join Choi at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live on April 1 and Washington, D.C.'s Howard Theatre on April 2. Shows with DeWyze are slated for April 7 at One Longfellow Square in Portland, ME and April 8 at StageOne in Fairfield, CT.

"Audiences can expect a mix of MSB favorites and usually a few surprises," explained Wade. "A lot of times I'll throw in an interesting cover or two...I may do a cover of an old school rap song, which is very different from what I do as an artist releasing original singer-songwriter pop-rock music. I think it makes it fun and we try to be as interactive as we can. From the first song, we hope fans are very engaged and that they will walk away inspired."

Even though he uses the pop-rock description, he's quick to point out that's not all My Silent Bravery is. Diamond From Coal is the prime example of how Wade likes to manuever through different genres. There are many different styles of music on the twelve-track record, because he doesn't feel the need to confine himself to one choice or another since he's an independent artist. He told us he sees every song on an album like a different chapter in a book. Thus the existence of The Remixes, because it provides another perspective on selections that are already not within the lines.

The original record was already nominated for Album of the Year at the Limelight and New England Music Awards, and it debuted in the Top 40 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Best-Sellers Chart. Most artists might have not wanted to mess with a good thing. But for Wade, whose mission in starting My Silent Bravery was to motivate others and pay it forward, allowing other performers to get involved with his music is sharing that experience with them and then again with his audience.

Diamond From Coal: The Remixes will be released on March 30 and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

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