Get to know Los Angeles band The Conlons
Doug Conlon

Americana is a broad category of music that encompasses styles ranging from bluegrass to alt-country. No matter where you slot it specifically, it all kind of traces its roots back to folk music. One Los Angeles band that traces its roots back to the folk of the '60s is The Conlons. If you go to the band's ReverbNation page, the first song you'll see listed is "Without You". This is a very spare song with acoustic guitar, banjo, and vocals. When you hear Annette Conlon's vocals, it's hard not to think about Judy Collins and Emmylou Harris. It's a song that shows how beautiful a simple song can be - something that a lot of musicians have lost sight of. And perhaps because the songs are so simple, they allow you to focus on the vocals provided by Annette Conlon - which is a pretty good thing. Frankly, listening to Annette's vocals might send you searching through your collection for all the sweet-voiced singers that can make a simple song so pretty.

If you're looking for the perfect setting for listening to the music of The Conlons, try this: This band would be great to enjoy while you drink your first cup of coffee in the morning - particularly a Sunday morning. It's perfect music for starting your day on a mellow note before the chaos of your day begins - unless of course you have kids and the chaos of your day begins as soon as they're out of bed. In any case, this band's songs can definitely ease you into your day.

If you like the songs you hear on this band's ReverbNation page, you are in luck. The Conlons are currently working on an album that is expected to be released early this year or early next year. Granted, the circumstances from which the album was born are unfortunate, but it's still good news for fans of folk. The songs for The Concussion Sessions came about after Annette sustained a concussion earlier this year. Hey, a lot of art has been born of people recovering (or suffering) from one hardship or another. This seems like it could be another example. Check the band's Facebook page to track the release of the album.

The Conlons play a monthly residency at MUSE on 8th (759 S La Brea, Los Angeles) on the fourth Friday of every month. For this residency, Doug and Annette are joined by a variety of area musicians to create a night of beautiful music.