Get to know a 2015 Coachella band: Swans

Swans is an American band that was active back in 1982 to 1997. Their comeback started in 2010 and is currently still active. The band is led by singer Michael Gira who also formed the band.

The band started in New York during the no wave scene and lasted into the grunge scene into the late 1990s. Throughout those years, the band was known for its experimentation with instruments and repetitive song structures.

The band recorded ten albums in its first run from the 1980s to the 1990s. Since 2010, when Gira reformed the band, three albums have been recorded. Their early recordings have been described as “aggressive beyond words.”

A lot of Swans early music has a hypnotic feel to it, as many songs are based on one riff. Some of the instruments are echoed and Gira’s voice tends to be a bit morbid. In their first album, Filth, the rhythms were choppy and the drums were abrasive.

In 1996, the band released its last album, Soundtracks for the Blind. It was a two-disc album and turned out to be the highest regarded album for the band.

As for the new material, a lot of it is very psychedelic and experimental as well. It has field recordings with dark ambient echoing sounds. It is more like art rock than anything else.

The band decided to come back together 2010 when the band posted a song on MySpace with Young God Records. In a post, the band officially posted that Gira was going to bring back the band.

The band is set to play at the 2015 Coachella Festival and would fit right in with its long psychedelic songs. Their music will be perfect for an evening of experimental listening, especially for new listeners. Swans should be an entertaining band to listen to at the Indio festival and will most likely satisfy listeners that love psychedelic music.