G.E.M. performing at House of Blues
G.E.M. performing at House of Blues
Martin Lambert

G.E.M., one of China’s biggest pop-stars is gearing up to take on North America and Europe as part of her G.E.M. X.X.X. LIVE tour. The 23 year old global superstar talked to Examiner.com immediately following the announcement at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA.

For someone who has experienced so much success at such a young age, G.E.M. has remained both calm and unaffected. She is confident, yet poised and sweet. G.E.M. (an acronym for Get Everybody Moving) got her first break on a reality competition show called, “I Am A Singer.” The title of this show could also be used to describe her vocal ability. Her voice has the power of Celine Dion with a grit reminiscent to Shakira. She sites American pop artists as here primary musical influence, and dreams of potential collaborations. She said, “My ultimate goal is to work with Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera…and there is one special male artist that I really like, Justin Timberlake. So, if one day I could work with anyone of them, that would be crazy!”

Typically artist attempting to break into the U.S. market begin by playing small clubs or theaters. G.E.M. is no typical artist; she will embark on an arena tour, playing The Forum when she stops in Los Angeles on November 7. And, although she's played over 55 headlining shows, she admits,

“I actually feel really excited…[I'm] a little bit nervous being here for the first time doing concerts and tours."

She went on to say, "But, actually [with] this tour we’ve been traveling to a lot of places…Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and every time I go to a new place I get to have a lot of different food and meets different fans in different places. So, I look forward to coming to the U.S..”

In addition to the tour, G.E.M. revealed some other big news, “I’m actually here for recording a song and…the voice-over for an animation movie that is going to come out soon.” While the name of the film and fellow co-stars have been kept under wraps, the singer-songwriter admitted, “It’s kind of scary for me, because this is the first time for me to do voice-over in English.” Another task she’ll most likely tackle with ease.

As G.E.M. prepares for a busy year, she assured Examiner.com that she is making time for her self, “I think the whole trip is going to be like – half sight-seeing and half working.”

Tickets for G.E.M. X.X.X. LIVE go on sale May 2 on Live Nation.com and through the Live Nation's mobile app.

Tour dates:

1/3/15 – Vancouver, BC
11/6/15 – San Jose, CA
11/7/15 – Los Angeles, CA
11/11/15 – Toronto, ON
11/15/15 – Newark, NJ
11/18/15 – Chicago, IL
11/22/15 – London, UK

To watch G.E.M.'s Yahoo Stream where she performs and announces the tour, click here!

For more on G.E.M. visit: www.GetEverybodyMoving.com