Fueled Hate readying to unleash 'March Of The Pigs' in February 

Fueled Hate readying to unleash 'March Of The Pigs' in February 

Attic Records

Although the town of Corby in Northamptonshire, England is a peaceful and picturesque looking county town, there's something very massive and metal to come out of it. And for those who were in attendance at the 2016 Bloodstock Festival, one of the bands who simply blew everyone away was this massive and metal entity from Corby - and now they're readying to do it all over again, only this time on album. 

Due out via Attic Records on Feb. 25., Corby's own "dirty" metal masters, Fueled Hate, will be unleashing their new album titled March Of The Pigs. Blending metal and rock, hip hop and hardcore, the Fueled Hate sound is one that's all their own, and metal lovers are going to relish sinking their teeth into this nine-track collection of metal mayhem. 

Although formed in 2012, Fueled Hate endured a few lineup changes to get things right but are now pleased to announce that they've settled in with their final band members, and they can't wait to show the world exactly what they've come up with. Already having shared the stage with bands like Krysthla, TRC, Nervosa, Whorion, The Darkhorse, Stormbringer, Vendetta, and more, Fueled Hate has got big things in store for 2017 - and bringing their high-energy music and show to the entire planet.

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