Free hot dogs on Labor Day in NYC

Is there anything more American than enjoying a hot dog on a day off? And is there any better kind of hot dog than a free one?

This Monday, September 1, New Yorkers can treat themselves to a free hot dog, straight out of an old fashioned hot dog cart, thanks to generous hot dog provider, restauranteur, and acclaimed pit master Keith Dorman.

Dorman, owner of Dorman's Snap Dog, produces premiere natural-casing hot dogs in New York City, so you can enjoy your tube meat without all those gross plastic/rubbery/mystery casings.

For Labor Day, Snapdog will be giving away free hotdogs and sausages from 12-2 p.m. at its Chelsea location on 20th St. & 10th Ave.

“Hot dog carts are an institution in New York City," said Dorman in a recent press release, "and yet there has been zero innovation in the category since Edwardian times. My goal is to elevate the beef franks and hot sausages of old with new ideas and forthcoming collaborations with local butchers on new specialty items."

The purveyor is putting a twist on the traditional by introducing a new skinless variety of smoked, artisanal beef franks and hot sausages that will debut Labor Day weekend at all Snap Dog locations.

Start your Labor Day with a snap -- covered in ketchup and mustard of course -- and enjoy this free treat! Every dog has its day, and Monday is it.