Fortress Festival to debut in Fort Worth in 2017

There are always great chances to catch live music in the DFW area and there are always new and interesting festivals popping up in the Metro every year. 2017 will see the next big festival to entertain the Dallas-Fort Worth music lovers. The Dallas Morning News reported that the Fortress Festival will be coming to Fort Worth in April 2017 although there are no bands announced for the festival yet. The dates for the event are April 29-30, 2017.

According to the press release, the Fortress Festival in Fort Worth will be a celebration of music and culture. This also isn’t just a local bands music festival and the release claims that today’s hottest young talents will join forces with internationally-acclaimed musical headliners to fill in the slots on the festival.

This new music festival is produced in conjuncture with Margin Walker Presents, which is ran by the same people who produced the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin for 10 years. For those who are unfamiliar with the Fun Fun Fun Fest, that festival has brought in talent such as Jane’s Addiction, Cheap Trick, the Wu-Tang Clan, Judas Priest, Nas, Slayer, Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Weird Al Yankovic, MGMT, Danzig, Spoon, and more.

Margin Walker is also starting a new music festival in Austin this year called Sound on Sound Fest with bands like Big Boi, Young Thug, and more. The DFW-based Fortress Festival in Fort Worth will be in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art with a stage near the reflecting pond and another at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Art and culture will also be integrated into the festival.