Five things you didn't know about Beck

Beck, alternative rock singer/songwriter, is known for numerous hit songs including “Loser,” “Devil’s Haircut,” “I Think I’m In Love,” and “Waking Light.” More recently Beck released his first album in six years, Morning Phase and won three Grammys this year. Beck will be performing at Boston Calling Music Festival in City Hall Plaza on Friday, May 22. Those are only a few things fans may have not been up to date on when it comes to Beck and here are five more things you didn’t know about Beck.

5. Beck is not only talented at songwriting but has shown a knack for interviewing as well.

Beck started a series called “Irrelevant Topics,” and has interviewed a number of celebrities including Will Ferrell, Tom Waits and Demetri Martin. He really shows his comical side talking about unitards, the term “solid” and much more in these amusing conversations.

4. Beck has a side project where he covers and records an album of another musician in only one day.

The project is called Record Club and the first album he chose to record and cover in only a day was by The Velvet Underground. The project involves collaboration with other musicians and no prior rehearsals. Since covering The Velvet Underground he has also covered Yanni, Leonard Cohen, Skip Sense, and INXS.

3. Beck is one of the few musicians to release an album on sheet music called Song Reader.

Independent discussed how innovative the album, Song Reader, is to not only fans of Beck but of music in general. Music lovers should find this album very interesting because to hear the music Beck has written they’ll have to play it themselves.

2. Before “Loser” became a hit, Beck lived with rats and worked at a video store.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Beck reported that he didn’t have any real opportunities ahead of him and was living in shed with rats as his roommates.

1. Beck dropped out of school in junior high.

Beck has reported that he felt unsafe in junior high and after dropping out applied to a performing arts high school but was rejected.