Fairy Bones celebrate release of 'Dramabot' with in-store show at Zia
Courtesy of Fairy Bones

Popular Phoenix band Fairy Bones has released a new full-length CD called Dramabot. The new music dropped on Feb. 3 and to celebrate the band treated their fans to a free in-store performance at the Tempe location of Zia Records.

Working without the keyboards that they’d utilize at a regular club show, Fairy Bones played a 40-minute set that featured a selection of songs from Dramabot including “Jack,” “Butchery” and “Banshee” as well as some non-album cuts. The Fairy Bones line-up is Chelsey Louise on vocals, Robert Ciuca on guitar, Ben Foos on bass and Matthew Foos on drums. Josh Hill of Tempe band The Hill in Mind sat in on violin for the set.

Dramabot features 12 songs, all of which are originals co-written by the group’s four members. The band takes some of their cues from the innovative synth pop bands of the late '70s with the fuzzed-out bass-driven “You and You Again” recalling the work of that era’s Romeo Void, although the song ends with a flourish of space rock worthy of Hawkwind. On the loud and forceful “Waiting” the music quiets several times, just long enough for Louise to issue the disclaimer “Said I’m sorry…” The phrase is uttered as a pissed-off scream the first time; by the end of the song the words are heavy with remorse, as if the reality of a relationship gone sour has just set in.

“Slide 2.0” is a garage rocker that features some hot riffing from Ciuca, “Yeah Pretty Yeah” mashes up a reggae rhythm with guitar-driven psych rock and “Trinkets” is one of several songs on the album that feature Louise singing in a way that indicates she would make a great blues singer. “Whipping Boy,” with its sing song-y vocal, organ fills and uncharacteristic backing vocals, hints that Fairy Bones are familiar with '70s classic rock (a little Deep Purple in the modern rock) and there’s a hint of Led Zeppelin love in “Notes from Wonderland.”

Dramabot will go a long ways toward upping the stature of this already hip and in-demand band and no doubt they’ll bring lots of new fans on board as the new music gets heard, both on record and on the upcoming Fairy Bones tour. That road trip commences in late February and will see Fairy Bones visiting Albuquerque, Denver, Boise, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego and several other cities. They’ll be back home for a show at the Yucca Tap Room on March 20.

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