'Bill Hicks: Arizona Bay Extended' will drop on Nov. 27.
'Bill Hicks: Arizona Bay Extended' will drop on Nov. 27.
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Back in 1997, Bill Hicks posthumously released his ode to the destruction of Los Angeles in the form of the comedy album Arizona Bay. Over the passing years, the album has went down in history as a hilarious masterpiece that found the comedian drawing laughs from his unique social commentary on everything from consumerism, to politics and corporate greed. Now, fans can hear a raw, uncut version of Bill Hicks: Arizona Bay when the new extended album is released via Comedy Dynamics on Nov. 27.

Along with additional material that wasn't included in the 1997 release, the updated version of Arizona Bay removed the music that accompanied the original, allowing comedy fans to experience the stand-up show as the live audience did upon its recording. The technique only highlights Hicks' sharp comedy that has proved to be ahead of its time.

Last Friday, AV Club shared a previously unreleased track, “No Smoking On Airplanes (But They Allow Children),” which finds Hicks at his best – irritated and annoyed. The bit is as relevant as ever as the legendary comedian jokes about businessmen on their Macs and mothers who are blinded to their children's misbehavior.

Hicks first began his comedy career as a teenager in Houston, TX and he quickly became a hit thanks to his dark humor and hilarious insight into society at large. He frequently performed over 250 shows across the country in any given year and gained mainstream attention after performing on the “Late Show with David Letterman” in 1984. He released his first comedy album Dangerous in 1990 and followed that up with Relentless two years later.

“Ninja Bachelor Party” and “Counts of the Netherworld” are among Hicks' film credits and he appeared on such TV series as “The Dennis Miller Show,” “Tonight with Jonathan Ross” and “The Word.” Hicks died of pancreatic cancer in 1994 at the age of 32.

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Bill Hicks' Arizona Bay Extended will drop on iTunes, Google Play and other digital retailers on Nov. 27, just in time for holiday shopping. Click here to pre-order the album in advance and keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.