Experience Disturbed's 360-VR video for 'The Sound of Silence'

Heavy metal titans Disturbed have taken a step into virtual reality. The band has teamed with the Littlstar VR video network to allow fans to partake of VR-360 presentation of their megahit video, “The Sound of Silence.” Using a VR headset, smartphone or desktop computer, it’s possible to visually explore the eerie grey-scale dystopia seen in the clip in almost unnerving detail.

The “Silence” VR experience, which was created by the same team that made the original video, fleshes out the post-apocalyptic landscape glimpsed in the short in some compelling ways. In implies that in the fallen world, humanity has given up independent thought in favor of motionlessly staring into their smartphone screens. It also suggests that the military-industrial complex has become sentient and now lords over the wasteland.

Director Matt Mahurin and Clever Fox producer Dekker Dreyer are well aware of the contradiction of making a warning against the dangers of technological dependence using a cutting edge format. “It was a thrill and a challenge (and maybe a bit ironic) to use the innovative and immersive world of VR to explore the disconnect of direct human connection that results from the addictive world of social media,” said Mahurin in a press release announcing the project.  

The desktop version of the “The Sound of Silence” VR experience can viewed here, and Littlstar’s mobile app can be downloaded here. While it doesn’t make for a particularly fun journey, the compelling visuals within “Silence” make it a world worth visiting.