Experience a psychedelic freakout with The Black Angels

The Black Angels are a Texas based psychedelic rock band founded in 2004 by Nate Ryan (guitar), Stephanie Bailey (drums), Christian Bland (guitar), Alex Maas (bass guitar) and Jennifer Raines (drone machine). They have released four studio albums and three EPs. Best known for their retro-psychedelic rock n' roll sound and inspired by the '60s band, Velvet Underground. Currently, The Black Angels are preparing for a series of international and festival dates.

Founded in Austin, Texas, by several individuals who enjoyed the psychedelic sounds of late '60s era rock music and fans of the Velvet Underground formed the Black Angels in 2004. The original lineup released their first EP in 2005 the self-titled The Black Angels, and along with their popularity on Myspace, the band's popularity in the neo, psychedelic scene grew. They released their first studio album Passover in 2007 on Light in the Attic Records. But they wouldn't break into the charts until their third record Phosphene Dream on the label Blue Horizon peaking at 50 in the Billboard Top 100.

The current lineup of Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland and Alex Maas are augmented by keyboardist Kyle Hunt has been on the road for the past year and a half promoting their fourth album Indigo Meadow. Their latest release has been a hit on Billboard's Alternative Records chart peaking at number 15. Indigo Meadow is a hallucinogenic treat for the audio senses as the Black Angels are the true flag bearers for '60s psychedelic. Fans of old school acid rock or psychedelic music will definitely enjoy the classic, trippy sounds of The Black Angels.

Punters wanting to find out when or where The Black Angels will be playing next should visit the band's official website. There they will not only find out the latest touring schedule but other information such as how fans can buy merchandise and music.