Exclusive: Super Hi-Fi debuts video for 'Space Needle'
Super Hi-Fi

When you think about music videos, you probably think that it's impossible to do something truly different. Well, if it's not truly different, then it is at least unusual for a video to feature just a couple hands and a mixing board. That's what you'll see in this exclusive debut of the new video from Brooklyn collective Super Hi-Fi: "Space Needle Dub #1." 

The video features the hands of Victor Rice, a Sao Paolo artist who remixed the song. As the song plays you see his hands turn knobs on the sound board, and you hear the corresponding changes in sound. It's pretty cool to experience that - especially if you've never seen what goes into mixing an album or song. It's also a very minimalist approach to making a music video at a time when music videos seem to get more elaborate - and dizzying - all the time. That minimalist approach allows you to focus on the music as opposed to the images in the video.

The song is a tribute to Nirvana, and it is an interesting mashup of styles. At the beginning, you hear some grungy sounds from the guitar, bass, and drums that are accented nicely by the horns. As the song continues, you hear more and more of the reggae/dub influence particularly in the guitar. In the middle of the song, the reggae/dub sounds progress to a sort of psychedelic sound (think Funkadelic) before returning to the grungy guitar at the end. This song will definitely get you grooving. "Space Needle" is part of a limited-edition cassette entitled Super Hi-Fi Plays Nirvana. The cassette features six Nirvana songs as well as two versions of "Space Needle." Both the cassette and the digital download are available to order on Bandcamp.