Exclusive Premiere: The Goodnight Darlings channel NYC on 'Start Up'
The Goodnight Darlings

On Oct. 6, The Goodnight Darlings – comprised of real-life married couple and talented musicians, Kat and Wilson – are set to drop their powerful new EP, All I Ever Wanted. In advance of the album's release date, AXS has an exclusive premiere of their energetic endurance anthem, “Start Up.”

Inspired by her time, “surviving her youth and the wilderness of New York City,” Kat created lyrics that perfectly compliment the subway-inspired composition which Wilson wrote on a journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan. “Start Up” was recorded this past July at Studio G Brooklyn (Tom Waits, Black Keys, Iggy Pop) as a part of All I Ever Wanted, which is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Though they are primarily known as a rock group, The Goodnight Darlings give listeners a healthy dose of hip-hop on “Start Up” thanks to a special cameo by the award-winning MC, Jabee. A bare beat serves as the perfect backdrop for Jabee to add his flow with precision and intensity.

“Start Up” commands listeners attention from the very first note with Kat's bewitching vocals building in intensity until the heavy-hitting chorus comes in at full blast. Jabee's appearance gives the song added musical depth as his hip-hop style bends effortlessly in with The Goodnight Darlings cool rock 'n' roll vibe. Following the release of All I Ever Wanted, The Goodnight Darlings will be performing in New York City on Nov. 19 with further upcoming plans to tour “as much as possible.” They are also hoping to head back into the studio for a new full-length album in the not-so-distant future.

Last August, AXS got a chance to ask The Goodnight Darlings a few questions about their recording process, their epic video for “Empire Vampire” and their future plans. “Our songs tend to explore a lot of different vibes! Like our new song 'Tough Act' has the hardest edge on the EP,” Kat said. “And it has a dub section that I love, which Wilson, Joe (Tomino), and producer Tony Maimone absolutely slayed together. I think the songs each have their own character, and the common thread is simply that it's us.” Wilson added, “It makes your head bounce.”

Bounce your head to the sounds of “Start Up” by watching the video above exclusively on AXS and click here to pre-order All I Ever Wanted, featuring “Empire Vampire,” “Tough Act” and more, on iTunes. Keep reading AXS for more music news, reviews and tour announcements.