Exclusive premiere: Stream Brett Gleason's new album, 'Manifest'
Album cover

Singer-songwriter, Brett Gleason, will soon release his sophomore album, Manifest, on April 14. To celebrate its release, he will be performing at Pianos in NYC on April 14. Atwood Magazine has referenced the album as a "funeral dirge for lost love." Gleason grew up in and around NYC, and his early years were dampened by a severe speech impediment, that led him lead a solitary childhood, surrounding himself with the arts. Due to his struggle to communicate, Gleason learned how to play and master multiple instruments. He went on to receive a fiction degree from the New School University in NYC. 

Gleason's creating writing and making music reflects his passion for the arts, and what all he's overcome. Gleason's ambition transcends as an avid contributor to the Huffington Post, writing about issues on mental health, politics, pop culture & LGBT equality. His debut release in 2014 landed in the top 100 of the iTunes Alternative Charts in 2014, and produced five successful music videos to promote the album. Gleason credits the written word and the music created with it as the most powerful form of artistic expression.

Brett teamed up with AXS to provide an exclusive stream of his upcoming release, Manifest. He tells AXS that this album "feels more like my first as I strip down my sound to address the basic themes of humanity such of love, loss, death, and time with the fresh perspective of an artist reborn. Whereas my debut album of dark, electro-rock dealt with the mess left after years of mental illness - 'Manifest' is my true initiation into the life of the living as I finally try to live and love in the light of the world.  It's not as easy as I thought, but armed with my piano, an acoustic guitar, and my lyric book, I'm finally navigating this complexly beautiful world and have devoted 'Manifest' to my first forays into its depths. It's an emotionally and sonically diverse album that I'm proud to present as I move on to the next phase(s) of my life and musical journey." Pre-order Manifest at Brett Gleason's online store, or via iTunes.

Discover more about Brett Gleason's music, aspiration, and contributions via his website, and connect with him socially on Facebook and Twitter.