Exclusive premiere: Listen to Lucky Chops' new release, 'Walter E.P.'
Photo Courtesy of Reybee Inc.

Lucky Chops are not your average band. Not only do their songs not include any lyrics, but they are an all brass band, which makes them extremely unique. The group has released their newest release Walter E.P., which can be streamed below.

"We’ve been touring intensely for the past year and Walter E.P. is our attempt at transmitting the energy of our live shows into a studio recording," Josh Holcomb of the band said. "We incorporated a lot of the raw, adventurous and spontaneous aspects of our shows into the EP and the original songs on the record are very meaningful to us. We’re super excited to share this with the world!”  

Take a listen to the album below, and keep a lookout for more coming from the Lucky Chops. 

Walter E.P. tracklist 
"Temple of Boom"
"Daro and Charles' Magnificent Journey"
"Helter Skelter"
"Walter Jam"
"For Connie"