Exclusive premiere: Dream Alive unveil new single 'Drifting Away'
Dream Alive/YouTube

Los Angeles rock band Dream Alive have partnered with AXS to premiere "Drifting Away," the first single from their forthcoming EP also called Drifting Away. You can get your first listen to the song by using the media player included with this article.

It's one of four songs that will be on the new EP; the other three are entitled "What We're Looking For," "Time to Go," and "War in the Sky." It was put together by the group- lead vocalist and keyboardist Nik Phoeniks, guitarist and vocalist Karan Parikh, rhythm guitarist Ramon Ryder, and bassist Martin Fredriksson - with the help of drummer David Myers in just four weeks.

What made it happen so quickly and what can fans expect from the album? Phoeniks answered a few of our questions in an accompanying e-mail interview.

"The band was in a time crunch, as some of our members were applying for artist visas to stay in the country," he explained, telling AXS that rather than send them into a panic, the accompanying sense of urgency made them focus their sound as they strove to create new music as quickly as possible. While working against the clock, they weren't able to over-think anything and had to trust one another when it came to making decisions. The result is an EP with a very raw, live feel.

Given the backstory, it's no surprise that the songs on Drifting Away deal with the impermanence of time and the importance of living in the present. What might be a surprise is the switch-up of drummers, as Dream Alive's regular drummer Stanley Love wasn't available when the band needed to record the new EP (though he still contributed to the song "Time to Go").

Enter Myers, who had played with two of the band members before and so was able to step in seamlessly, helping to elevate their music to another level. "We were immediately very in tune with each other from the first rehearsal in a musical and personal standpoint," said Phoeniks. "Every time we would play together it was almost like musical ESP."

Inspired by a wide variety of sounds from Rush to The Beatles and Black Sabbath, plus given the circumstances of its production, Drifting Away is poised to be a unique record. "Sometimes just taking a musical idea and running with it can lead to interesting and serendipitous results, and it definitely felt like that with this one," he added.

But while fans wait for its arrival, Dream Alive want you to know that they're playing a free concert at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on April 30. It not only will celebrate their new album, but they're also sending off a favorite venue before it closes in just a few months. For more information on the show, visit the band's schedule.

Drifting Away will be released June 5.

For more on Dream Alive, visit their official website.