Eurovision the Party with Sanna Nielsen

Sanna Nielsen will be the host. Carola, Loreen, Danny Saucedo and Panetoz will be on stage. A gigantic 300 square metre tv and unique backstage material from the Globe Arena. That’s what “Eurovision the Party” in Tele2 Arena will be during the Grand Final night Saturday May 14.

- Eurovision the Party is an opportunity for more people to be a part of the Eurovision event as the tickets for the Globe Arena practically are sold out. In the Eurovision Village a public viewing is offered, in the EuroClub festivities for persons with accreditation is organized. Eurovision the Party is a complement to all these events and a welcome event that we hope can become a tradition, Johan Bernhagen, Executive Producer for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 says.

Host for the night is Sanna Nielsen – with the pre-party, the live broadcast and the after-party. During the live broadcast Sanna will take the party audience backstage in the Globe Arena for exclusive interviews and she has also promised to appear with the broadcast hosts, Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede.

- It will be a totally new Eurovision experience with all the extras. Together we will be able to follow the artists, the party and to dance the whole night long. During the broadcast the audience in Tele2 can follow me backstage for a lot of fun interviews and a unique insight in what’s happening behind the scene, Sanna Nielsen says.

Moreover, the Swedish jury's votes will be given live from Eurovision the Party in the live broadcast.

Booked artist are Carola, Danny Saucedo, Loreen, Panetoz and DJ Tim Henri.

Tele2 Arena Saturday May 14
Doors open: 6 pm
After-party: 00.30-4am
Age limit: 20 years

SVT and the City of Stockholm organizes together the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and Eurovision the Party is a part of ESC 2016. Producers for Eurovision the Party is Live Nation and SVT.

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Nine shows

The three live shows each have two public dress rehearsals. The first dress rehearsal is the Jury Show, the evening before the live show, when the jury groups in Europe watch and give their votes. The second dress rehearsal is the Family Show, a dress rehearsal taking place in the afternoon.

Six countries are already qualified for the final. Customers wanting to see them perform in the semi-finals should aim to get tickets for the Jury Show on Monday 9 May (Sweden, Spain and France) or Wednesday 11 May (Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom).


Monday 9 May, 9pm: Semi-Final 1 – The Jury Show
Tuesday 10 May, 3pm: Semi-Final 1 – The Family Show
Tuesday 10 May, 9pm: Semi-Final 1 – The Broadcast
Wednesday 11 May, 9pm: Semi-Final 2 – The Jury Show
Thursday 12 May, 3pm: Semi-Final 2 – The Family Show
Thursday 12 May, 9pm: Semi-Final 2 – The Broadcast
Friday 13 May, 9pm: The Grand Final – The Jury Show
Saturday 14 May, 1pm: The Grand Final – The Family Show
Saturday 14 May, 9pm: The Grand Final – The Broadcast


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Travel to Sweden

If you are planning to travel from the UK to Stockholm, you should be aware that Stockholm has four airports in its vicinity. Airlines like Norwegian, British Airways and SAS all offer direct flights to Arlanda (ARN), which is the biggest airport. Airport busses and Arlanda Express (train) operates from Arlanda to/from central Stockholm. Ryanair flies to Skavsta (NYO) and Västerås (VST) and from there you can take airport busses to Stockholm City Terminal. The fourth airport is called Bromma.

Airport buses and the Arlanda Express (train) operate from Arlanda to and from central Stockholm. Ryanair fly to Skavsta (NYO) and Västerås (VST), and from there you can take airport busses to Stockholm City Terminal.