Epic Death releasing Witchcraft
Bast Records

On Friday, Texas-based black metal unit Epic Death will be releasing their first full-length album Witchcraft. Formed in 2010, Epic Death is guitarist/frontman Dennis Dorsett, drummer Reece Stanley, keyboardist Becky Dorsett, guitarist Nathan Chance and bassist Justin Riddler, all of whom have a wealth of experience in the Texas metal circles.

Witchcraft was produced with Stephen Bogle (The Hunger). The album features opening track and first single, "Hide", a emotional song inspired by Dorsett's complicated relationship with his father, who passed away when he was still a teenager. Poignant lyrics like "Years how they pass away, like a life from the crib to the grave. In just a flash we'll be swept far away," are tossed around in a storm of heavy instrumental shifts and deep growls. Throughout the album, epic melodies and riffs are mixed with the dark subject matter the black metal genre is known for.

Epic Death claims to "play the theme music to the revolution of true freedom and individuality" and certainly, after listening to their debut album, that does seem to be the case. Although they draw from the classic black metal arena, they find their own unique sound mixing in a bit of thrash, heavy metal, prog and rock along the way.

The band draws influence from some of their favorite metal bands including Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth and Behemoth but seem just at home exploring new territory in the extreme arena as is showcased in their heavy cover of Alice Cooper classic "Poison", which can be streamed here.

The album's title track "Witchcraft" also really stands out as a haunting track that slows thing down for a more prog feel before gaining momentum for a epic finish.

Epic Death have gained quite a bit of acclaim, sharing the stage with metal heavyweights from all points of the globe including Nile, Finntroll, Mushroomhead and Gemini Syndrome. They are also prominently featured in Derek Norman's 2012 documentary "Heavy In Houston", as well at the sequel "Heavier in Houston".

Be on the lookout for Epic Death in 2016. The band is set to crush and conquer over the next year with their own brand of colossal, uncompromising metal.