Enrique Iglesias top winner and performer at Premios Juventud 2014

Another year of Premios Juventud (Youth Award) has come and gone, and as usual, the fans were the ones that had the last word on what celebrities would be taking home awards. They voted well, as Enrique Iglesias came out as a top winner and performer for the evening.

There is some controversy about the two top songs Enrique Iglesias is being acknowledged for, since both songs were written by Cuban artist Descemer Bueno: "Bailando" and "El Perdedor." Enrique won a total of five awards for both songs he interprets, clinching all but one category he was nominated in:

Mejor Tema Novelero (Best Spanish Soap Opera Theme Song): "El Perdedor" – Enrique Iglesias featuring Marco Antonio Solís (Lo que la Vida me Robó)

La Combinación Perfecta (The Perfect Combination): "El Perdedor" – Enrique Iglesias featuring Marco Antonio Solís

Mi Letra Favorita (My Favorite Lyrics): “Bailando” – Enrique Iglesias featuring Gente de Zona

Canción Corta -Venas (Heart-Wrenching Song): "El Perdedor" – Enrique Iglesias featuring Marco Antonio Solís

Mi Artista Pop/Rock (My Pop/Rock Artist): Enrique Iglesias

Additionally, Iglesias performed both songs after his Supernova Award tribute introduction, starting first with the ballad "El Perdedor," the theme song for the Spanish soap opera "Lo que la Vida me Robó" currently televised on Univision Network in the United States. It didn't take long for the transition to the upbeat song of "Bailando" when Iglesias headed toward the main stage where he was joined by Cuban singers Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno. It was not easy to remain seated for the catchy and lively tune "Bailando," and the entire venue was standing and singing along.

According to Billboard's Mid-Year SoundScan Latin Charts, "Bailando" is the best-selling digital track of the year with 221,000 downloads. The song is so popular it will also be the theme song for Telemundo's upcoming production "Reina de Corazones."

Iglesias and the two songs are also nominated for the next Latin award show on Telemundo Network's Premios Tu Mundo for Artista Pop Favorito (Favorite Pop Artist), Canción Comienza Fiesta (Party Starting Song) for "Bailando" and Canción Más Popular del Año (Most Popular Song of the Year) for "El Perdedor."

Congratulations to Enrique Iglesias for his awards and one of Premios Juventud most important awards, the Supernova Award. Don't miss him on tour with Pitbull starting in September. Tour information can be found at AXS.