Freddie Ravel motivates audiences at recent Xero conference.
Freddie Ravel motivates audiences at recent Xero conference.
Courtesy of Freddie Ravel. Photo by Nathan Sanchez. Used with permission.

Grammy-nominated performer, legendary pianist and business visionary Freddie Ravel has signed with the prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau for representation as a lecturer. The company, which is located in Alexandria, Virginia, touts an internationally recognized roster of speakers who lecture on a variety of topics.

Freddie Ravel is the internationally acclaimed “Keynote Maestro” who blends his infectious passions for business breakthroughs and the power of music to unlock the minds, hearts and potential of audiences around the world. His speeches have inspired everyone from the world’s greatest minds to the aspiring musician unsure of a career path. He has spoken to audiences at a plethora of companies and conferences including Xero, NASA, Walmart, Asian Life Insurance Group, The CW/Warner Brothers, Toyota, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Sheraton Hotels, Apple, IBM and Google.

Washington Speakers Bureau states, “Freddie Ravel is sought the world over to address a wide range of audiences, from Fortune 500 companies and leading tech companies to universities and educational groups, to international trade associations and beyond.” Many other prestigious customer testimonials regarding Mr. Ravel’s motivational speeches on such topics as achievement, arts & entertainment, inspiring lives, personal growth and teamwork, have fueled an exciting parallel career for the much sought-after entertainer who continues to serve as a bridge between legendary musical artists, business leaders and the Fortune 100.

The business rock star’s arsenal of speeches include: “The Rhythm of Success”, a one-of-a-kind program designed to challenge and inspire organizations to discover their untapped potential; “The Music of Leadership” which is a presentation on the role of “melody” within music and its power as the central message to bring life to your products and services; “Resolving Disruption” an interactive experience that takes audiences into what disruption really sounds like, then transforms that dissonance to resolution.

“The Pulse of Productivity” is a rhythmic journey through the pulse of the beat, which allows audiences to discover their own rhythm to move forward in a synchronized fashion to victory; “Teamwork: Tapping The Power of Human Harmonics,” a program that helps teams learn how to better listen, engage and achieve collaborative success; and his award-winning “The Music of Diplomacy” an interactive program wherein Ravel combines proven solutions towards resolving conflicts and brings meaningful dialogue backed by scientific data and creative musical expression to appeal to the mind, body and soul of your conference participants.

Audiences around the country have flocked to Freddie Ravel’s keynote concerts titled “The Music of Business” which blends speaking and live piano performances backed by a full orchestra on the silver screen. In addition to his original works, Mr. Ravel has co-published works with such visionaries as Earth, Wind and Fire, Carlos Santana, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s late daughter, Yolanda King.

For details and more information on how to request availability, please visit his page on the Washington Speakers Bureau website.