End 2016 on a funny note with Gabriel Iglesias at the Microsoft Theater on Dec. 30
Gabriel Iglesias/YouTube

If there was anyone in the comedy world who could lay claim to being the hardest working in the business (after, of course, Kevin Hart), it could be Gabriel Iglesias.

“Fluffy,” as he’s affectionately called, is one of those comedians who shot to ubiquity, seen everywhere, showing up in movies, web shorts, comedy specials, and television, where he stars in his own Fuse TV show “Fluffy Breaks Even.” What makes the whole thing possible is his palatable, down-to-earth style of comedy which tends to draw fans in. Watching Iglesias is like talking with the neighborhood motormouth, the person who always has a story to tell, always with a humorous bent to it, never failing to deliver.

And as always, there are more tour dates on the horizon for Iglesias. This year he launched his 2016 #FluffyBreaksEven Tour where he’ll bring his goofy comedy to venues around the nation. On Dec. 30, Fluffy will bring the tour to L.A.’s Microsoft Theater. For more information on tickets, click here.