ELP keyboardist and composer Keith Emerson takes it to the power of three

Keith Emerson is the former keyboardist of the '70s progressive rock band "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" and was a member of the '60s psychedelic/jazz outfit "The Help." His work with Moog synthesizers and involvement in electronic rock is legendary as he has been labeled one of the pioneers of the subgenre. Emerson has an unorthodox style of playing that involves sticking knives into his keyboards to keep certain notes playing while he performs a solo. His unique style of solo music is a blend of over-the-top theatrical song structures, classical compositions and progressive rock.

Emerson got his start in the music business in 1967 as a member of the psychedelic/jazz band "The Help" and incorporated early electronic rock instruments such as the Moog and keyboards into their spacey sound. With his leadership, they moved away from the psychedelic and became one of the first progressive rock bands. Emerson moved on in 1970 to form the band "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" and became one of the biggest prog rock acts in the U.K. with their theatrical onstage and live performances. During ELP's first breakup, he moved on to a solo career which featured more complex song structures and became a soundtrack composer adding the progressive/electronic rock sound to the Italian horror classics "Inferno" and "Murder Rock" giving them a larger than life aura whilst retaining a classical tone.

Nowadays, Keith Emerson still tours with his solo band and composes new music. His latest offerings are The Three Fates Project (which was released in 2012) featuring guitarist Marc Bonilla and musical conductor Terje Mikkelsen and the live album Live From Manticore Hall with former bandmate Greg Lake which was released earlier this year. Fans of progressive rock will want to see one of the forefathers of the genre live in concert. Punters that are interested in seeing the one and only Keith Emerson live should check out his official website for all the latest news.