DownTown Mystic's 'Rock N Roll Romantic' is musical nostalgia
Used with Permission by Working Brilliantly

Downtown Mystic's, aka Robert Allen, music is made for lazy summer days, road trippin', and beach nights. Allen has always had a knack for making his music sound vintage with a modern twist. That feeling is all over his latest album, Rock N Roll Romantic. With mellow tones, lush guitar, and Allen's vocals, the songs are made for those who miss the good ol' days of rock n roll. Tracks like “And You Know Why,” “Dead End Space,” and “Brian Jones” sound like they're already classics. Listening to them, you swear you've heard them before; chances are you haven't. Big sing along choruses, thoughtful lyrics, and straightforward rock take you back to the days when bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival ruled.

Though Allen's music sounds familiar, it's not a rip-off of what's been done. Instead, it sounds like an homage to his heroes that inspire his music. It's clear he just wants listeners to have a good time, with upbeat jams like “Hard Enough” and “Think a Little Louder.” For those who are old enough, Allen's music is like a childhood blanket – comforting and familiar. To those who are younger, his music is a gateway to band's who perfected the music.

Rock N Roll Romantic, Allen's second full-length album, is out now. Allen's debut album, DownTown Mystic, was released in 2013. He's worked with notable musicians, such as the E Street Band rhythm section – Max Weinberg and Garry W. Talent. He's also worked with Steve Holley and Paul Page from Ian Hunter's Rant Band and PJ Farley and Steve Brown of Trixter.