Don't miss 'The Book of Mormon' at Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall, now through Oct. 5

It's been heralded as "The best musical of this century" by The New York Times, and it's coming here to Pittsburgh this fall! "The Book of Mormon" is currently on limited engagement now through Sunday, Oct. 5, at Heinz Hall.

The geniuses behind Cartman, those detached-headed Canadians, and the rest of the lovable freaks in Comedy Central's "South Park" - Trey Parker and Matt Stone - actually wrote this critically acclaimed musical. Yes, shocking. Okay, so everyone knows that, but that knowledge makes the show that much more spectacular.

Just like the original production on Broadway, the religious satire, which follows two missionaries sent to a remote region of Africa, has led to a boom in the counterfeit-ticket industry. Must to the dismay of unsuspecting theatergoers, fake tickets are being sold for as much as $400 apiece - and the duped consumer winds up being turned away at the door. Fortunately for you, legitimate tickets for the Pittsburgh leg are still available, though will run you at minimum $145 for such a last minute purchase. That'll teach you to not pre-order!

While the musical/comedy has been a critically-acclaimed smash, delighting both audiences and those pesky theater-analysts, reviews from - shall we say uptight - patrons have been mixed. One reviewer said "...material seen fitting for jokes includes sexual violence against women and children, as well as genital mutilation. Black Africans are depicted in a crude and demeaning manner not seen on stages since the time of minstrel shows. And don’t forget to throw in lots of barbs about AIDS and cancer. That's sure to draw laughs." In addition, Libby Purves from UK's The Times wrote: "Beneath its jollity, [Mormon] is morally null and — without seeming to notice it — pretty racist." We always thought our neighbors to the northwest were a little prudish, anyway, Libby.

With that said, if you feel like you can handle gross-out, vulgar potty humor, you can obtain your tickets for the engagement here; times vary per show.