Gabriela Gunčíková performing for the Czech Republic in the 2016 Eurovision final

Gabriela Gunčíková performing for the Czech Republic in the 2016 Eurovision final

Used with permission from Andres Putting (EBU)

After making the Eurovision final for the first time the Czech Republic is hungry to continue their success in the competition. On Tuesday the Czech broadcaster, Ceska Televize announced their shortlist of songs for Eurovision 2017.

There was an open submission period for the public and the broadcaster received 300 songs in that time. Following that an internal panel was then tasked with creating the shortlist, which they did, cutting the list down to just five songs.

With Czech Republic opting for an internal selection again in 2017, and as such they opted to not release any of the information of the shortlist of five songs. There will be no further cut from here, with one of the final five being selected by an internal selection panel who are expected to make a decision late this month or early next month.

The five bids making the final shortlist is up from the three in 2016, with Czech Republic clearly deciding to look at higher caliber artists. This should also speed up the process as the deep discussions only need to happen with five people instead of a larger group.

Ceska Televize is looking to find an artist that they can create a show and song with, says head of press Martin Broz. That announcement comes after Czech star Mikolas Josef announced that he had a song and whole production ready to go and so may rule him out.

The Czech Republic has a strong music scene and several artists who have previously been considered have spoken about trying for Eurovision. That should lead to the Czech Republic selecting a strong artist for Eurovision 2017.