Comedian Todd Barry to publish new book in 2017
Team Coco

Todd Barry is one of the most hilarious, and hardest working, comedians in the business. Soon fans can vicariously experience life on the road with a veteran comedian by reading Barry's upcoming book “Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg: One Comedian's Tour of Not-Quite-the-Biggest Cities in the World,” which is currently available for pre-order via Simon & Schuster in advance of its March 14, 2017 release.

“Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg” is comprised of hilarious travel essays from Barry's time on tour through secondary markets in the U.S., Canada and Israel. “Hello. It’s Todd Barry,” the comedian said in a statement accompanying the news of the book. “I have billions of fans all over the world, so I do my fair share of touring. While I love doing shows in the big cities (New York, Chicago, Cleveland), I also enjoy a good secondary market (Rochester, Springfield, Toledo). There’s something great about performing in a place where they don’t expect to see you. They’re appreciative. They say things like 'Thank you for coming to Hattiesburg' as much as they say 'Nice show.' And almost every town has their version of a hipster coffee shop, so I can get in my comfort zone.

The book is said to be part tour diary, part travel guide and part memoir. Barry details everything from making a promoter clean the dressing room toilet to reacting to Metallica's Lars Ulrich attending a show at a rec center in Northern California.

Along with being a hilarious comedian, Barry has also appeared in notable films and TV series including “The Wrestler,” “Louie” and “Flight of the Conchords.” His hilarious stand-up albums include The Crowd Work Tour, Super Crazy, From Heaven and Falling Off the Bone. Barry also hosts his long-running podcast, aptly titled, “The Todd Barry Podcast.”

Fans can always check him out at a live show as well. Barry's current calendar includes sets in Poughkeepsie, Brooklyn and Spokane in the coming weeks.

Head over to Simon & Schuster to pre-order “Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg” and click here to pick-up tickets to see Barry perform stand-up live in a city near you. Keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.

Todd Barry Tour Dates

Dec. 3 Laugh It Up – Poughkeepsie, NY
Dec. 4 Bell House – Brooklyn, NY
Dec. 8 Mootsy's – Spokane, WA
Dec. 9 Mootsy's – Spokane, WA
Dec. 10 Mootsy's – Spokane, WA
Dec. 11 Mootsy's – Spokane, WA