Comedian Jim Jefferies is Fully Functional
Inception Media

It is amazing how fast a comedian can go from cult status to being a household name. Comedian Jim Jefferies was clearly already making his mark on the industry, but with his new hilarious FX series Legit recently finishing up its first season run he shifts from comic to TV star instantly. Now fans bummed that the season is over for the show fans can continue to get their Jefferies fix with his latest standup special Fully Functional.

If you have never seen Jim Jefferies perform you are really missing out. His comedy walks the line of offensive and over the top and proudly steps over it to deliver some really brilliant material. Much like any successful comic, his delivery is quick and smart taking some of what could be just simple stories and making them engaging and hilarious. While a lot of what his material could easily offend most, he speaks of things and thoughts that most everyone has had on some level hence making it relatable. At the same time, some of his material simply tells stories of his life, like most comedians, but instead of feeling the need to interject forced jokes, the way he tells the most basic situation comes off as brilliant. He has one sex story that he tells for quite some time that was one of the funniest deliveries and punch lines you will hear in sometime, yet it so simple and one that if some average guy was telling it would just be another story that would disgust and piss others off.

If you are a fan of Legit then you will surely love his standup as his persona is the same on stage as in the show. If anything it will embellish the show as you never see too much of his actual standup, but now you can take this latest release and play it as a companion piece. The special is quick witted, face paced, and showcases the obvious talent that brought him to the small screen.