Colbie Caillat, a 'Bubbly' singer with a heartfelt message
Perez Hilton/YouTube

With more than 6 million albums sold worldwide and another 10 million singles purchased in kind, Colbie Caillat is one of the leading ladies in pop music today. Her breakout hit single, “Bubbly,” sent the Malibu, Calif. vocalist to the top of the charts and floated a career that has lauded her with Grammy nominations, and awarded her titles like Artist of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year. In fact, the infectious single has become one of the best selling tracks of all time. And all this was in the formative years of her artistry.

Thus far in her seven year career, Caillat has spread her wings in the industry and soared on the release of three full length albums in addition to a Christmas album. Currently she is putting the finishing touches on her fifth studio album, one being called her most heartfelt offering to date. The title of the album is Gypsy Heart and the lead single, “Try,” officially released Monday, June 9, 2014. “Try” promises to be another international hit with an encouraging message of self-acceptance and self-confidence. It was written alongside long time friend and co-writer Jason Reeves as well as legendary producer/singer Babyface, who also contributed to several other tracks on the forthcoming album.

She first played “Try” for a live audience in April 2014. The elite and privileged group of guests were attending the 13th event coordinated by Live In The Vineyard, a festival that pairs food, wine and music in Napa, Calif. Upon completing the performance, the “Bubbly” singer exhaled and confided, “That was scary!” She also recorded a more intimate version for Perez Hilton in March of 2014. When it debuted, "Try" was featured on iTunes as the free single of the week.

To the surprise and delight of fans, in conjunction with the single, Colbie released the first five songs off the album in EP format after appearing on Live! With Kelly & Michael. The EP, entitled, Gypsy Heart Side A, is said to boast more of a '70s vibe. It has been reported that she has intentionally experimented stylistically as the gracefully spoken singer revealed during an interview, “I’ve always been scared, not only of fans being upset — not because I haven’t wanted to change my direction; I always think it’s fun to branch out and do country duets and sing the chorus of a hip hop song — but when you actually change your full-on own sound, your fans can get pissed or they can love it and you gain new fans." She concluded, “And so that was a challenge I knew was worth taking.”

During the week of the EP release, Colbie made many media appearances including a surprise performance for fans in flight aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver, CO to Burbank, CA. The performance was sponsored by Live In The Vineyard’s, “Live At 35,” and takes place on a Southwest sponsored jet decaled by the same.